Year in Review: Brixwork’s 2022 Recap

Taking a look back at a rough year in real estate and what we’re thankful for.

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1 min readJan 23, 2023

Through the fire & fury of 2022, we continued to support our clients in the real estate industry as global economic uncertainty and geopolitical turmoil rocked markets. You should count yourself in good company for persevering through these undoubtedly challenging times. We’re honoured to be welcoming 2023 with you.

2022: Competition Intensifies, We Respond

Competition between Realtors® intensified in 2022 as the market became more exacting for homebuyers and homesellers. In response, we kept upping our game through continued effort to refine and improve our robust website system. We also maintained our commitment to quality — the reputation which has made us a choice partner for top Realtors®.

Last year we strengthened existing client partnerships, made new connections, launched popular website modules and even mentored some university students along the way.

3 stats we’re hyped over — and there’s so many more

And that’s just a start.

Before you join us on this new 2023 adventure, take a gander at our after-action report of all 2022 had to offer.



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