Truths & Myths of Social Media Marketing for Realtors

Some commonly-held myths about social media marketing — and some surprising truths.

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2 min readSep 28, 2022

Myth: Social media is only for the younger generation.

Truth: More than half of social media users in Canada are over 35 years old.

In Canada, 19.2% of social media users are between the ages of 35–44, and 37.2% are 45 or older. By contrast, 43.6% of users are under the age of 35. This means over half of social media users in Canada are over the age of 35! Your marketing strategy cannot afford to ignore social media. Recent studies show more than half of social media users are eligible homebuyers as millenials begin searching for property to buy or rent. Facebook remains the most-used social network, with Instagram, YouTube and Pinterest holding onto their market share as TikTok grows in popularity.

Social media marketing for real estate also became more popular during the pandemic. This occurred when open houses became less popular (for obvious reasons) or were not possible with local health policies. Thus showing off homes through virtual tours and slideshows became an easy replacement for in-person experiences.

Infographic displaying social media user demographics by age, with 35+ years old accounting for the largest percentage.

To be fair, this becomes less surprising when you recall many social networks first started operating in the mid- to late-2000s. Ten to fifteen years later, all those people in their twenties who joined social media are now in their thirties — or more. While some social networks crumbled, most of the big ones have remained in constant use to this day with users carried forward in perpetuity. Heck, it’s possible there are people reading this right now who had their baby photos posted on their parents’ Facebook profiles almost 17 years ago.

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