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3 min readDec 13, 2017

Often real estate websites with MLS® Reciprocity (IDX) can contain tens of thousands of listings — meaning that many meaningful listing information pages with geographically relevent keywords.

Getting Google to do a deeper crawl of all these pages is the next part of the challenge. Most real estate websites have links that look like this:

While this serves as an effective basis for niche-definition as well as a good basis for search engine optimization by generating more sub-pages under a specific city, we went a step further.

We recently upgraded some of our websites to contain more subpages for ALL listing result pages, so that any view contains links to:

  • Listings in all subareas, based on whatever the current search criteria is set to (property type, price range, bed/bath/sqft parameters etc.)
  • Listings by type in different price ranges, based on whatever the current area/city setting is.

This immediately creates hundreds of newly derived MLS® search pages by combinations of different property types, areas/cities, as well as price ranges (take a look at the Gibsons, Sunshine Coast feature page for Brittani Payne)

Visualizing this effect

The diagram below shows how properties that were found in latter pages (pages 2, 3, 10, 20…) are brought up more to the forefront with more sub-pages with much more diverse listing queries.

Visualizing the effects of deep linking to let more pages become discovered

The Actions & Immediately Measured Results

Day 1:

We submitted the changes on Google Search Console for those city-based MLS® search pages.

Day 2:

We wait — new submissions to Google Search Console are queued & processed incrementally. It is not often immediate.

Day 3:

Results will be published on 2021–02–28!

Day 7+:

Results will be published on 2021–03–03!

Before: TBD

After: TBD

It’s too soon to calculate the average increase, but the effects are significant and clear — meaningful deep links that make content easier to find also triggers Google to send more traffic to such websites.

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