How Supercharging Your Listing Presentation Can Get Your Client’s Attention — And Keep It

Unique designs make a bold and memorable first impression

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3 min readAug 22, 2022

What is a Real Estate Listing Presentation?

A listing presentation is best defined as a free presentation for clients which showcases how a Realtor® is best equipped and experienced to help their client sell or buy a home. Ideally, your listing presentation will let clients know what you bring to the table, what value you can add and how your unique selling points can give you a competitive edge to meet their needs the best. This is the first chance to showcase your values and find common ground with your potential client. This is the sales pitch to a homeowner before the sales pitch to a homebuyer.

The Perils of Not Knowing Where to Begin…

If you’re a new real estate agent or even an experienced Realtor®, deciding how your listing presentation should look is as challenging as what should be included in your listing presentation.

Think about the last time you got a personal letter from a friend wishing you well, or congratulating you on a major achievement. It was personal because it was uniquely tailored to you and your situation. We feel the same must be applied to your marketing materials. Every client is as unique as every friend and ideally your clients will know you understand their goals and have their best interests at heart. This feeling doesn’t come across so vividly when using a bland, fill-in-the-blanks template.

So then, why do the majority of Realtors® use generic introductions and booklets?

It could be they don’t know any better.

These materials are often provided by brokerages or Realtor® support companies, but these materials are provided for everyone working with the company. Hundreds of agents using the same regurgitated and repeated design — sometimes literal fill-in-the-blanks templates. If an agent has deja vu as they see the same design twice, then it’s likely client has seen it too.

If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be.

— Maya Angelou

The Solution: Be Genuine. Be Bold. Be Different.

Establishing what distinguishes you from your peers is a constantly-evolving process of personal growth. One step on this journey is defining the expectation for yourself in how you present yourself. You want to showcase your personal styles and your professional values to leave a lasting impression on your potential and existing clients.

Standing out from your peers in person is one thing, standing out from your peers when only a leaflet or business card is left behind is another.

And this is where your listing presentation comes into play.

An example of a real estate professional’s booklet.
Credit: Brixwork Real Estate Marketing.

Custom Designs Stand Out

By choosing to work with a design professional on custom marketing materials, you get products which are perfectly tailored to your personal brand and represent you as a real estate professional. Incorporating custom designs throughout your branding also provides consistency to assert your professional presence. This consistency can reinforce your position as being the driving force to your client’s success.

For instance, listing presentations can serve a dual function in your business:

  1. Represent your personal brand to stand out to potential clients.
  2. Represent your achievements from previous successes.

This can sound daunting, but with the right team behind you it is achievable. For instance, we’ve successfully designed dozens of listing presentation booklets over the years. They are unique, they keep evolving, and most importantly they are custom-designed for each agent.

Once we outfit you with one of these, no other Realtor® in town will hand out the same piece to your leads.

Our clients report higher closing rates from listing presentations, as well as picking up new unexpected clients from open houses when handing out the newly designed presentations...

See more samples of unique, custom listing presentations here



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