Google Analytics GA4 Migration for Realtors® — Step by Step Tutorial

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2 min readJun 7, 2023

Google Analytics will be sunsetting their Universal Analytics (version 3) in favour of the new GA4 (version 4) by July 2023. Here’s a helpful guide to migrate to the new version, and set up the tracking tag properly on your real estate website!

Google Analytics 4 Report comparing behaviour between all traffic and organic search traffic on a Presale Oriented real estate website

Don’t miss out on precious analytics data on your website!

Google Analytics helps you understand where your website visitors are coming from, which homes and MLS® search results are the most sought after, and what parts of your website you can improve to increase user engagement and lead generation.

An Easy Video Tutorial On Uprading Your Website to GA4:

5 Easy Steps To Migrate To The New Analytics

Once you are logged into your Google Analytics account, the easy prompts will walk you through. There are just a few specific things that can help Realtors® get the most out of the new Google Analytics. Here’s our step by step guide if you prefer reading over watching a video:

  1. You will probably get a big warning telling you to move to GA4 — click to continue to the GA4 Setup Assistant.
    If you don’t see this warning, go to the ADMIN tab(gear button on bottom left) to find the GA4 Setup Assistant.
  2. Create your new GA4 profile by clicking “Get Started”, and make sure you check on the option to “Enable data collection using existing analytics/gtag.js tags.”
  3. Go to your new GA4 Property, and click the arrow on the “Data Collection” tab, and click “Manage Data Streams”. Your existing website URL will already be set up as a data stream source — click to open it.
  4. Under “Enhanced Measurements”, click the gearbox and turn on “Scrolls”, “Form Interactions”, “Video Engagement” and “File Downloads” (“Page Views” is already enabled by default).
  5. Copy and paste the tracking tag (that starts with a “G-____”) to your website tracking settings tab.

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