3 Ways To Better “About Me” pages on Websites That Actually Engage People

Let’s do away with the same old novels of “Meet the Agent” pages nobody will read!

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3 min readJun 20, 2023

What high school you graduated from, what your favourite pet’s name is, how passionate you are about real estate.. Many Realtor® bios are boring repetitive regurgitation of these details that don’t add any value to you as an agent, nor give reasons to choose you over thousands of other real estate agents in your area.

There has to be a better way to write these bios so they actually get read by humans, instead of being skipped over with a yawn, thrown into the pile of the same old boring novels of bios that nobody cares about.

Want to write a better agent bio page than most Realtors®?

There are better ways to get your “Meet the Agent” page more eyes, and ultimately, more business. First, let’s really delve into what you can deliver for your customers (not what you think you should be talking about).

Sales rep history and 5 core values that make Karin the better Realtor, designed well on a custom agent bio page.
Karin’s bio page is custom designed to showcase her history in sales and real estate, as well as her core values that make her a solid companion.

1 — Your Core Mission/Values

Get away from the mundane “great work ethics” or “neighbourhood expert” — no real estate agent has ever claimed otherwise. Instead, do you have a certain set of core values or a mission statement that your family abides by? Can you summarise that into 3~5 words, or a single sentence?

2 — What You Bring To The Table

Anybody who passed the board exam can get professional photography done and list it on the MLS®. What do you offer that is outstanding? Do you come from a home builder background? Does all your business come from referrals, proving your spectacular customer service? How involved are you in the local community and how much do you care about your sterling reputation as a trustworthy agent?

Lawyer background is a helpful trait for a real estate agent and it is well designed in this meet the agent page.
Custom designed agent intro page emphasizing Vik’s background as a lawyer — who doesn’t want a Realtor® who is meticulous?

3 — Credibility and Legitimacy

Do you have statistics on how many days your listings were on the market before you sold it? What about the selling price to listed price ratio? Did you sell an unusually large number of homes in a certain neighbourhood, or do you specialise in certain types of properties?

Want to see live samples of some “Meet the Agent” pages that actually had higher time-on-page and page views than the average? Take a look at our showcase of some of the best Realtor®/team bio pages we designed recently.

— Written by CEO Jeff Kee

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